Thank You, Mr. Bonet...

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I was really, really, really struggling with my Calculus course, and at first I was having a hard time with the concepts ... But by the end of our sessions and the semester I actually was around the top students in my course and it was all because of Joshua.
— Betsabe Castro
As a tutor and a former teacher, I recognize a good one when I see it, and Joshua Bonet is excellent at being both.
— Juan Carlos Curbelo Rodríguez
He (Joshua) was very patient and he just knew what to say so that the homework sould make sense, and soon enough I caught up in class. I was no longer behind, and math was just easy to me after that.
— Victor Melendez
Joshua, you gave me tutoring in pre calculus 1, which helped immensely to pass my class with success. I have to say a super thank you to you, without you I wouldn’t have been able to pass anything that was required in mathematics. I recommend 100%, even more, 110%, Joshua’s services, given that he talks English and Spanish and has no problem explaining, since he’s a genius in mathematics.
— Javier Prieto
I was tutored not too long ago by Joshua. He explained to me how to derive and it sounds easy but it wasn’t for me. It took me a lot of time and he had the patience to explain it to me. It helped me to go above and beyond what I’m studying now. If it wasn’t for his help I wouldn’t have understood … he’s definitely something that you need to check out.
— Joseph Bonet
Joshua Bonet Huertas is an amazing teacher, an amazing tutor. Thanks to him I passed my first year of Pre-calculus 1 and 2 and Calculus.
— Ramón Martinez
... Me and math don’t get along, and with Joshua, he really breaks it down … he’s great, and he’s passionate and he’s driven and he loves what he does, and that’s contagious, and that’s inspiring and it motivates you to learn the material.
— Amy Lozano