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Las Vegas Math Tutor

Mr. Joshua Bonet

Las Vegas

Math Tutor

If you want the best math tutor, you have come to the right place.

Don’t let bad grades, late assignments, low test scores, college rejections, frustration and constant stress keep piling into your life. Let Mr. Bonet help you and your child build the confidence needed to become amazing in mathematics.

Mr. Bonet is grateful to have been provided a God given talent of teaching struggling students and making them exceptional in math. His ability to change F’s to A’s with such a consistent precision is what makes him the best.

We’re so lucky and blessed that Bonet is here, he’s going to bring his A game to this school
— Cindy Mathes, parent for Faith Lutheran High School

 His Focus is in Mathematics:

Entrance Exams

This new generation is filled with entrance exams from all ranges. If you want to join the military, get a teacher's license, become a nurse, get a scholarship, apply to graduate school, what ever it is, there's an entrance exam that you must take. So let me guide you through the math section.

You have become a blessing in our lives, thank you Josh
— Patricia Price, Parent For Faith Lutheran High School

Las Vegas:

home of the Golden knights

During his time here in Las Vegas, he has personally tutored hundreds of satisfied clients. They have ranged from all ages and needs. Even though Mr. Bonet is skillful in most materials in mathematics, the following list are the most common requests:

  • K-12 Grade Level Math

    • Pre-Algebra

    • Honors Algebra

    • Algebra 2

    • Algebra 1

    • Precalculus

    • Honor's Precalculus

    • Trigonometry

    • Geometry

    • Honor's Geometry

    • Probability and Statistics

    • AP Calculus AB

    • AP Calculus BC

  • Test Preparations (Math Portions Only):

    • ACT

    • SAT

    • GRE

    • GMAT

    • GED

    • Praxis I

    • ASVAB Military

  • College Level Math

    • Precalculus

    • Calculus 1

    • Calculus 2

    • Calculus 3

    • College Algebra

Thank you for building Micah’s confidence in math
— Scott Fogo, Principal of Faith Lutheran

 High School Math Teacher:

Mr. Bonet is currently teaching AP Calculus AB & BC and Probability & Statistics at Faith Lutheran High School this upcoming Fall semester 2018-2019 as a high school math teacher. He also taught AP Calculus AB & BC and Discrete Math at Faith Lutheran High School on the years 2015-2016. He finished working for two consecutive years at Equipo Academy College Prep Charter School, teaching Algebra 2, Precalculus and Trigonometry. He was the coach to the Math Leagues at Equipo Academy, training enthusiastic students for regional and national high school math competitions. Daisy Ruvalcaba (junior) won an award for "Superior Performance" at the Honors High School Competition at the University of California, San Diego in April 21, 2018.

Thank you Mr. Bonet for showing me how amazing math is
— Brandon Avedano, 2019 - Valedictorian of Equipo Academy


Math and Fitness Channel:

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New Prices:

Starting August 10, 2018:

 *All packages are non-refundable

*All packages are non-refundable

After August 10, 2018, Mr. Bonet has decided that given the higher demands for sessions and lack of availability, prices will change for this next Fall semester year 2018. Each tutoring session is still an hour long. You can buy a 3 session package or a 5 session package that you are allowed to combine as you wish.

Previous clients will have seniority in availability. Mr. Bonet's philosophy lies on having trust and loyalty to the clients that have helped him grow Motivao, therefore it is imperative to give his attention to them.

Cancellation Policy:

Life happens and sometimes we need to readjust. If you have to cancel a session, make sure you give Mr. Bonet a 12-hour notice so he can readjust any scheduling for other clients. If cancellation is not provided before 12 hours, you will be charged a $30 fee.


Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.
— Albert Einstein
If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.
— Galileo Galilei

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