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"Motivao" is a Puerto Rican word for motivated

Joshua Bonet moved to Las Vegas on 2014, right after graduation,two weeks from graduating with a 3.91 GPA from his master's degree. His first job at Las Vegas was as an mathematics adjunct professor at the College of Southern Nevada. Is here that he realized quickly that his students were not prepared for the level of competence necessary to pass his classes. And that's where the idea of Motivao was born, in order to push students to higher levels of confidence in mathematics. 

Just like many business stories, Motivao started literally at the garage of a rented house in Henderson, Nevada. With just $100  and big aspirations, Bonet decided to invest $5,000 from an AMEX credit card to start his journey. When he started on November 11, 2015 he had bills piling with no money and already $5000 in debt. Without loosing hope, he worked relentlessly for months, until a young girl named Christy, was in desperate need for help in Calculus.  Greatly satisfied with his services, she was able to write Motivao a 5 star review in Yelp, giving him his first customer satisfaction review.  From this point on, it didn't take long for his clients to multiply to the point were parents are calling 3 months in advanced to reserved their spots. 

Mr. Bonet was raised in Puerto Rico for 24 years until he decided to move away to follow his dreams. Coming from a low class family, he experienced the need to survive very early in life. He would hustle and work since he was 6 years of age. Her mother, a Puerto Rican single woman with 3 children, became his most inspiring figure in life. Having a "never quit" attitude, she finished her master's thesis after 10 years working on it. The struggle his family had to endured for so long, gave Mr. Bonet the inner drive to pursue what everyone around him thought to be impossibly hard: a bachelor's degree in mathematics. 

Not knowing anything about the world of mathematics, he went to his Calculus professor, Mr. Brodsky, an old man from Massachusetts with a long white beard, to asked him an important question. "What should I do to be good at math?" which with a stern smile said, "Try to be the best". That was enough for Mr. Bonet to chase his dreams with an unstoppable force to become the best mathematician he could be.

High School Math Teacher:

Mr. Bonet is currently teaching AP Calculus AB & BC and Probability & Statistics at Faith Lutheran High School this upcoming Fall semester 2018-2019 as a high school math teacher. He also taught AP Calculus AB & BC and Discrete Math at Faith Lutheran High School on the years 2015-2016. He finished working for two consecutive years at Equipo Academy College Prep Charter School, teaching Algebra 2, Precalculus and Trigonometry. He was the coach to the Math Leagues at Equipo Academy, training enthusiastic students for regional and national high school math competitions. Daisy Ruvalcaba (junior) won an award for "Superior Performance" at the Honors High School Competition at the University of California, San Diego in April 21, 2018.

United States Marine Corps - Officer Candidate School

On summer of 2016, he decided to join the armed forces to become an officer for the United States Marine Corps. Unfortunately, we wasn't able to complete his training for medical difficulties and was honorable discharged. After returning to Las Vegas, he decided instead to become a Devil Pups PT instructor to serve his nation in a different way.

Personal Hobbies:

Mr. Bonet besides enjoying doing mathematics in his spare time, he is also known for his passion weightlifting at Las Vegas Athletic Club, Jiu Jitsu martial arts at Gracie Humatia Jiu Jitsu with Mica Cipili , playing chess with his friends and students, salsa dancing at FireFly with his girlfriend Alicia, reading multiple books every month about success and life, traveling around the world to learn new cultures, hiking Red Rock and Mt. Charleston for inspiration, cooking for his guests and spending time with love ones.


University of South Dakota
Masters Degree in Science

GPA: 3.91

Ms.c. Applied Mathematics

Graduated in 2014

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

Bachelors Degree in Science

GPA: 3.33

Bs.c. Theoretical Mathematics

Graduated in 2012

Activities & Affiliations

•United States Marine Corps, Honorable Discharged
•High School Math Teacher: Equipo Academy College Prep Charter School

Sub License

• Department of Education, Clark County, Nevada

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