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Creating smiles since 2007...

Let me ask you something, have you ever smiled when you heard the word "math"?

If you're like 99.9% of human species, you would probably say "NO!".

 You'll probably saying under your breath "I hate math!", thinking how many times you wanted to kill the math teacher for showing you this awful concept. Well let me ask you this though, would watching your son pass his math test give you a smile? Or maybe reading the words PASS at the computer after taking the PRAXIS math section. Would you smile? 

If you're like 99.9% of human species, you would probably say "YES!".

I can't change the fact that the world  we live in is full with scores, tests, exams and much of them depend highly in mathematics. A subject  so hard that I sweat every time I have to do graduate level math. But there is one thing we can definitely change about the world and that's the attitude for which confront things. 

Have you ever smiled for getting an A on a math test?

If you're like 99.9% of human species, you would probably say "YES!".

So when I asked you earlier, have you ever smiled when you heard the word "math", is because I want you to think of those powerful tiny moments that would definitely florish a feeling so strong that you can't be able to stop yourself from smiling.




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Areas of Practice


If you have worked with a five year old you would see the complexity it entitles to teach him anything, worst so if it involves letter configurations that represent numbers they themselves haven't figured out. So for a small child, the dynamic must involved a more patient and creative approach. 


College level mathematics is a higher degree of complexity that some students may feel not ready to confront. Therefore having an expert on the subject close by would create a sense of confidence necessary to overcome any hurdles in your way.

Middle School

In middle school we exposed children into the world of Algebra and Geometry. Is in this time that students start feeling the longing frustration of mathematics. Hence you must start building a base of mathematical confidence intrisictily tight with their own self esteem.

Entrance Exams

This new generation is filled with entrance exams from all ranges. If you want to join the military, get a teacher's license, become a nurse, get a scholarship, apply to graduate school, what ever it is, there's an entrance exam that you must take. So let me guide you through the math section.

High School

Living the age of distractions, a teenager's attention spam is very narrow, especially inside the classroom where texts, Snaps, Posts and Direct Messages are all being bombarded toward them. On top of that is the fact that math is harder now and you must be completely engaged.


With the internet trumping, homeschooling is becoming more popular. Unfortunately not all children are self driven enough to be able to sit through a math class by themselves. So having someone with the necessary background, is imperative for your child's success.


Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.
— Albert Einstein


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