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  1. A.1Find values of functions from graphs
  2. A.2Add, subtract, multiply, and divide functions
  3. A.3Composition of functions
  4. A.4Identify inverse functions
  5. A.5Find values of inverse functions from tables
  6. A.6Find values of inverse functions from graphs
  7. A.7Find inverse functions and relations

Families of functions

  1. B.1Function transformation rules
  2. B.2Translations of functions
  3. B.3Reflections of functions
  4. B.4Dilations of functions
  5. B.5Transformations of functions
  6. B.6Describe function transformations

Trigonometric functions

  1. C.1Convert between radians and degrees
  2. C.2Quadrants
  3. C.3Coterminal and reference angles
  4. C.4Find trigonometric ratios using right triangles
  5. C.5Find trigonometric ratios using the unit circle
  6. C.6Find trigonometric ratios using reference angles
  7. C.7Inverses of trigonometric functions
  8. C.8Find properties of sine functions
  9. C.9Write equations of sine functions from graphs
  10. C.10Write equations of sine functions using properties
  11. C.11Graph sine functions
  12. C.12Find properties of cosine functions
  13. C.13Write equations of cosine functions from graphs
  14. C.14Write equations of cosine functions using properties
  15. C.15Graph cosine functions
  16. C.16Graph sine and cosine functions

Exponential and logarithmic functions

  1. D.1Domain and range of exponential and logarithmic functions
  2. D.2Convert between exponential and logarithmic form
  3. D.3Evaluate logarithms
  4. D.4Change of base formula
  5. D.5Product property of logarithms
  6. D.6Quotient property of logarithms
  7. D.7Power property of logarithms
  8. D.8Evaluate logarithms using properties
  9. D.9Describe linear and exponential growth and decay